Skythorne Begins 6 Month
Marketing Strategy, Conversion and Optimization Case Study
With National Auto Glass Replacement Company

Sligo, Ireland
February 11, 2015

Skythorne, a full service business development and marketing consultancy agency, has recently began a 6 month long conversion and optimization case study with leading national auto glass replacement company, The case study will be periodically broken down and reviewed on the Skythorne Success Genetics™ website, as it is being completed. is an online auto glass repair and replacement business. Since founding in 2006, has swiftly risen to become the second largest national glass repair and replacement business in the United States. As it stands right now, completes 5 auto glass repair or replacement quotes every minute, for a grand total of 2.7 million auto glass quotes projected in the year 2015.

The auto glass installers that partner with have seen an average of $68,000 in increased yearly sales, since becoming a referral vendor. Auto glass companies with multiple locations have seen an average of more than $358,000 in increased yearly sales, since becoming a referral vendor. has a solid foundation of success and growth. While had enjoyed its success up to this point, competitive and market analysis showed that the large growth potential and opportunity for the glass repair and replacement business was being missed. Both an Skythorne agreed that building upon and leveraging the already existing success and growth was the next step needed to push to the next level. and Skythorne have partnered together to increase consumer conversion via the process of going from attaining a free-quote to becoming a paying customer. By streamlining the quote process for the consumer, offering valuable free education for consumers, and optimizing’s current search engine rankings, an increase of at least 20% in conversion is expected to result from this case study.

Skythorne is known best for its proprietary Success Genetics™ Lab. Success Genetics™ is a process by which Skythorne deeply studies and records successful companies within an industry to identify the patterns that lead to ongoing success. Those patterns are termed “success genetics” as they are a foundation that allows a company to grow in a sustainable and swift manner. This can be applied to lead generation, product development, sales, brand recognition, and developing strong connections between a company and their consumer base.

Skythorne takes the principles and patterns from these successful companies, duplicates them, customizes them, tests them, improves them, and essentially copies the patterns for success into other companies that need help growing. The Success Genetics ™ Lab has studied, tested, optimized, and implemented patterns of success from hundreds of companies across a broad spectrum of industries.

As a result, the Success Genetics™ Lab has empowered Skythorne to constantly stay ahead of the online marketing and business development curve. Success Genetics™ implementation methods are based on the latest business and social psychology, UI and UX tested and proven best practices, and sales techniques that garner results rarely seen.

The reason the Success Genetics™ process is unique is that unlike many other business development and marketing consultancies who only have a limited way of doing things, or simply try to ride trends (regardless of tested and measurable ROI), Skythorne Success Genetics™ greatly reduces the risk of a company trying to expand or rebrand by offering numerous tried and true methodologies. Success Genetics™ customers are never test rats–only the recipients of countless previously tested and proven plans. is one of the first hand-picked candidates for the Success Genetics™ Spotlight VIP Program.

Until recently, all of Skythorne’s Success Genetics™ clients had their work conducted under strict privacy agreements and NDAs. Unfortunately, this prevented Skythorne from being able to share their results with the public.

The Success Genetics™ Spotlight VIP Program was created by Skythorne in January 2015 as a means of offering hand selected companies an opportunity to have a premium Success Genetics™ program implemented into their business, in exchange for allowing Skythorne the opportunity to utilize their program as a public case studies.

While still maintaining the privacy of any proprietary or essential information of the business, the Success Genetics™ Spotlight VIP Program carefully tracks the steps taken to achieve particular results in the duration of the project. Those results, as well as non-specific project details are then published to the Success Genetics™ blog to allow smaller businesses the opportunity to see some of the advanced business development and marketing techniques Skythorne uses to grow businesses.

Skythorne’s Success Genetics™ team began the case study on February 1st, 2015, and will be posting updates to the Success Genetics blog about the Spotlight VIP case study in the coming months.

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When it comes to succeeding in business, there are a few important things to remember.

1. Always strive to build rapport with your audience. This is vital. They must know that you understand them and care.

2. Always seek to build new and innovative products. Whether you are into creating actual, tangible products, digital products or specialize in information product creation, you always want to be releasing new and exciting products and services.

3. Always seek to put customer satisfaction and experience above all else. There is no need in having great products and services if people hate to buy from you. This is just common sense.

At the end of the day, you are in business to serve your market, not just make a quick buck. Think about your market first and your bank account will reflect back that wise decision.

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A new, excellent video by social marketing expert Chris Lang.

How To Become An Expert Authority

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Review of a Phone Consult with Google Buzz Expert: Chris Lang

I just want to give thanks where thanks is due. I scheduled a phone consult with Chris last week; a basic introductory call to get a jump start on things. As Bill Gates always says “Work with people smarter than you!”

If you haven’t ever had a consult with Chris…you are cheating yourself. I really mean that. He is super friendly on the phone, talks 90 miles an hour and has a very odd sense of humor (That’s a compliment by the way).

He knows soo much about Youtube and the Google Social Network that even his offhand remarks are going to mean big results for me and my clients.

As marketers we all spend so much money on product launches, e-courses, blah blah blah….crap we all know we will never use…put that money (Chris is extremely affordable) into some “real” coaching and get on the phone with the man.

No, stop rationalizing it…stop saying “one day soon”, I can hear you all thinking it…email Chris and set it up.

And if you haven’t joined his Google Social Networking membership site….jeezus (sigh), just see the above, ok? It’s packed with content. I have spent two days on ONE article in there, seriously :o )

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The most common technique of today is combining two or more methods for building an email list; the primary being using landing pages or squeeze pages.

Consumers drastically view ‘permission’ differently than marketers. When asked whether or not they remember asking for email correspondence from a company they know and trust, only 10% of consumers replied that they had. More than half of respondents believe they never requested the majority of commercial emails they receive.

Why the amnesia?

This is the backlash that comes when the email marketing industry drowns consumers in sweepstakes, registrations, and in-store promotions. For some consumers, they’ve become increasingly distrustful when handing over their email addresses. One interesting piece of information to note is that the younger and wealthier a consumer – the more likely they are to feel they have signed up for the information they receive in emails. Also, having a professional landing page design will help in creating a lasting, positive impression.

Striking a balance in email marketing is a must. You don’t want to appear spammy to prospects, but you also want to make opting in an uncomplicated process. As you travel further and further into email marketing territory, it is important to understand the pros and cons of different techniques.

On a typical day, the number of non-spam emails that consumers receive to their personal accounts averages between 32.8 and 37.4. The numbers slightly dier when looking at men, women, and individuals (18 to 26 years old). With more people latching onto the social networking scene, some have predicted a decrease in email usefulness. To date, no such decline has been seen.