Traditionally, advertising and marketing have been considered dirty words by attorneys – something that may have made sense for personal injury work, but beyond that most attorneys have taken an approach that relied almost entirely upon networking and referrals. But things have changed rapidly since the Internet and social media have taken over the planet. Gone are the days when all that was needed to secure business was a positive mention from another attorney. Today that mention may be a help, but even with that potential clients are likely to do their own digging online, looking to see what they can find about a firm or an attorney – and that’s if they’ve even bothered to ask for a referral in the first place, which is happening less and less frequently.

With all of the economic pressure being brought to bear on billable hours and with clients feeling more and more empowered by their ability to search and shop around for legal expertise in the same way that they do for toaster ovens, attorneys need to take a deep breath and step down into the world of marketing. As distasteful as some may find the idea, the truth is that social media and a well-built website can not only attract potential clients, but can afford lawyers the opportunity to let their expertise truly shine and let their knowledge and power of communication and reasoning be the thing that attracts new business.

How?  By participating.  By viewing the availability of social media sites like Facebook and Google Plus ,and your website as a forum, you have the opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader and expert. Whether you choose to tweet out commentary on legal issues and court rulings that correlate to your area of practice, or send out emails and newsletters, or even begin writing a regular column within a profile page or blog on your website, writing about topics in which you have expertise in your own voice provides the opportunity to reach far more potential clients than any networking event.

And one Austin personal injury lawyer is doing just that by creating an integrated Local News Center on their website and daily interacting and connecting one-on-one with the people of their city on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Jim Terry of Terry, Simon and Kelly, PLLC, says, “we noticed a marked increase in the number of new clients when we started interacting with our city through social media. Even more so when we added a frequently updated News and Video center to our website.”

Like TSK Law, attorneys today need to make certain that they have access to the forum that will serve them best – or perhaps to engage with customers via several different forums – in a way that allows their commentary and tutelage to be easily found, forwarded and followed up on.

There’s no need for a law firm or lawyer to become expert at web design or search engine optimization – there are plenty of professionals out there who can take care of the technical aspects, taking what you’ve written and making sure that it is properly coded or optimized – but if you’ve recognized that digital marketing is not only here to stay but essential to remaining relevant, you can take an active role in the process that you may find you actually enjoy.

Lots of firms make the mistake of outsourcing their content completely, but the best way to make sure that you’re not just at the top of search, but are also being recognized as a thought leader, is to get your hands dirty and get engaged. If you use social media and digital marketing as a venue through which you can communicate your expertise, it will sell your service far better and more effectively than any ad or referral ever could.

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When it comes to succeeding in business, there are a few important things to remember.

1. Always strive to build rapport with your audience. This is vital. They must know that you understand them and care.

2. Always seek to build new and innovative products. Whether you are into creating actual, tangible products, digital products or specialize in information product creation, you always want to be releasing new and exciting products and services.

3. Always seek to put customer satisfaction and experience above all else. There is no need in having great products and services if people hate to buy from you. This is just common sense.

At the end of the day, you are in business to serve your market, not just make a quick buck. Think about your market first and your bank account will reflect back that wise decision.

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A new, excellent video by social marketing expert Chris Lang.

How To Become An Expert Authority

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Review of a Phone Consult with Google Buzz Expert: Chris Lang

I just want to give thanks where thanks is due. I scheduled a phone consult with Chris last week; a basic introductory call to get a jump start on things. As Bill Gates always says “Work with people smarter than you!”

If you haven’t ever had a consult with Chris…you are cheating yourself. I really mean that. He is super friendly on the phone, talks 90 miles an hour and has a very odd sense of humor (That’s a compliment by the way).

He knows soo much about Youtube and the Google Social Network that even his offhand remarks are going to mean big results for me and my clients.

As marketers we all spend so much money on product launches, e-courses, blah blah blah….crap we all know we will never use…put that money (Chris is extremely affordable) into some “real” coaching and get on the phone with the man.

No, stop rationalizing it…stop saying “one day soon”, I can hear you all thinking it…email Chris and set it up.

And if you haven’t joined his Google Social Networking membership site….jeezus (sigh), just see the above, ok? It’s packed with content. I have spent two days on ONE article in there, seriously :o )

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The most common technique of today is combining two or more methods for building an email list; the primary being using landing pages or squeeze pages.

Consumers drastically view ‘permission’ differently than marketers. When asked whether or not they remember asking for email correspondence from a company they know and trust, only 10% of consumers replied that they had. More than half of respondents believe they never requested the majority of commercial emails they receive.

Why the amnesia?

This is the backlash that comes when the email marketing industry drowns consumers in sweepstakes, registrations, and in-store promotions. For some consumers, they’ve become increasingly distrustful when handing over their email addresses. One interesting piece of information to note is that the younger and wealthier a consumer – the more likely they are to feel they have signed up for the information they receive in emails. Also, having a professional landing page design will help in creating a lasting, positive impression.

Striking a balance in email marketing is a must. You don’t want to appear spammy to prospects, but you also want to make opting in an uncomplicated process. As you travel further and further into email marketing territory, it is important to understand the pros and cons of different techniques.

On a typical day, the number of non-spam emails that consumers receive to their personal accounts averages between 32.8 and 37.4. The numbers slightly dier when looking at men, women, and individuals (18 to 26 years old). With more people latching onto the social networking scene, some have predicted a decrease in email usefulness. To date, no such decline has been seen.